Thanks to Halsey The Hunna & phem Release New Single ‘If This Is Love’

The Hunna return with track If This Is Love ft. phem

The Hunna unveil a new single, “If This Is Love” ft. phem off of their highly anticipated forthcoming album. The track covers the ups and downs of being in love and subsequently breaking up.

“This song is about being in a relationship and breaking up after a long period of time. Love is raw. It’s great, but sometimes it fucking sucks!” explains Ryan. “Sometimes when it doesn’t work even through all the incredible life changing moments, you learn and you grow together and then that sometimes leads to new roads. It hurts in so many ways, most of all cause of how true and deep it was. It hurts so much you wish you could just stop feeling, you wish someone could just take it from you.” he concludes.

The track, which features the genre-bending artist, phem, has Halsey to thank. A random connection put Dan, Jack, Junate and phem together outside of Halsey’s Halloween party for a breather but it wasn’t long until they realized she was a favorite of lead singer, Ryan, and he had been searching for ways to connect. Cut to a brand new collaboration!

“We call this song the gem of the album. Finally meeting phem after being admirers of her art and having her want to get involved was incredible. It all fit perfectly and sounded beyond what we first imagined! It was one the best experiences yet and there’ll be a whole lot more from the both of us!” states The Hunna.

The Hunna’s forthcoming album I’d Rather Die Than Let You In will be released on October 2. The quartet are releasing a new track every month leading up to the album debut. Working with Travis Barker, Pete Wentz, Josh Dun, John Feldmann & more, I’d Rather Die Than Let You In explores a new area for the group and showcases their anger, resilience, and ultimate rebirth. The Hunna has risen from the ashes with all new music that emphasizes ‘it’s okay to be angry but it’s time to move on.’

Pre-order I’d Rather Die Than Let You In here.