Sponsored Video: Yung Prospect (@ThaBigBoy_TFT) Ft. Kendra Christel (@KendraChristel) ‘Love and Mistakes’

Yung Prospect- Love and Mistakes Ft. Kendra Christel

Yung Prospect is an upcoming artist born and raised from the capital city of Austin, Texas. The name Prospect was given to him in 2005 meaning new and the potential to be great which he’s taking into account to show the world what he is made of. He is currently independent with T.F.T (The Family Tree) based out of Austin, TX. In 2012, he released his first EP “The Mixtape Before the Mixtape” during his sophomore year in college. In 2014, he recently released his latest mixtape, “2Focused 4Success” which is a diverse project of many genres including Trap, R & B, and many more musical selections.

The title “2Focused 4Success” is not only a phrase to show his mentality but also a reference to his neighborhood 78724. As an Austin artist, Yung Prospect not only speaks from the experiences of living in the Northeast side of Austin, but as well as the struggle growing up in a single-parent household. The three themes he strives for his music is: Creativity, Unorthodox, and Empowerment.

In Yung Prospect’s latest visuals for Love and Mistakes, he enlists the vocal assist of singer Kendra Christel. The music video involves two different stories that show how the girlfriends cheated on their partners. There’s a big fuss at the beginning but towards the end, both couples get back together after working it out, thus the song being called Love and Mistakes.

Check out the video below. For more information about he T.F.T artist you can email Ypmuzik@yahoo.com or follow at Twitter @ThaBigBoy_TFT

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