Yung Macnificent (@yungmacnificent) ‘Here We Go’


The young upcoming star Yung Macnificent, born May 4, 1986, was born in a Charlotte, NC hospital but raised out in the woods in Waxhaw, NC. In 1994 Mac began writing poetry at the age of 8 which developed his rhyming techniques. Becoming more accustomed and interested in rhyming, the music on the radio started delivering more implication to Mac. Listening to artists such as Notorious B.I.G, Nas, The Fugees and others inspired him to write his 1st rap verse at age 10. Unable to hit upon any type of instrumental for his verse at this young of an age, Mac would beat box and knock on desk or tables with his knuckles for music. In some instances a cheap handheld recorder he had at the time was used to capture his ideas.

In early 2003 Mac officially started to gain knowledge of producing, converting the beat box and table noise to computer speaker triumph. He would ignore his high school teacher in class while using the computer for making beats. This eventually would lead to him giving away and selling beats to a select few.

Harsh years would later ensue with various trials and tribulations. Therefore understanding his rough struggle in life with money, family and drugs is very important. The music Yung Macnificent composes is exhilarating and very unique, but definitely beneficial for the ears and soul. Not to mention, his shovel-deep relentless flow is a must hear when on the mic.

Listen to Yung Macnificent’s lates release titled ‘Here We Go’ below.

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