YoAstrum (@yoastrum) ‘Alchemy in Heav3n’


YoAstrum is an emcee and producer out of New Jersey, though he blurs the line between a rapper and a singer. His album ‘Alchemy in Heav3n’ does not sound like your typical hip hop record, it is filled with electronic divergences that keep you guessing at what comes next. Filled with pitch bends and sections with everything hitting your ears including the kitchen sink, that give way to strip-backed soulful moments. Sonically, YoAstrum’s influences are far reaching and hard to pin down, lyrically, you’ve got the answer on the album art.

He puts up the three things that he draws from throughout, the mystical sigil in the background for his love of the black art, the halo representing religion and the Goku t-shirt representing his love of anime. When you put these three things together and try to think about what that might sound like, it would be pretty close to what YoAstrum has produced in ‘Alchemy in Heav3n’. It’s got the subversion of the genre like magic bends reality, it’s got spacey reverb drenched bits that brings to mind the ethereal nature of religion and it’s got the restless kaleidoscopic nature of anime. What YoAstrum has accomplished is truly alchemy in a way, he has taken the disparate elements that make up one man’s passions and combined them into something completely new and tangible.

Unfortunately we can’t turn lead into gold but YoAstrum proves that’s there are artists out there taking their inner-landscapes and turning them into something resembling gold.

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