Xuave Sharaya Releases Debut Project ‘FUGEO’

xuave sharaya - FUGEO

Xuave Sharaya has been laying down the foundation for the release of his debut project FUGEO, which features the likes of Maurice Moore on the track “Collect.”

The project includes previously released tracks such as; ‘Henny PT. I’ (Produced by SRGeneration), ‘Party’ (Produced by BNJMN) and ‘We Gon See’ (Produced by LRDBYRN).

Xuave Sharaya‘s 14-track project is a mix of feel good, party, turn up tracks as well as some moody track as heard on the bonus ‘Confucius’ (Prod. Canis Major).

If looking for a new artists who is bold, full of creativity and channels his thoughts, emotions and dreams, plug into his latest offering below.


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