Xolisa (@musicxolisa) ‘A Beautiful Mind’ EP


Hailing out of Toronto, Xolisa is an emcee with a chill flow, each rhyme seeming to flow into the next with a practiced swagger she makes look easy. Her debut ep ‘A Beautiful Mind’ dropped last month and showcases not only her delivery but also her subtle hand at the production board. A transparently personal project, Xolisa even goes so far as dropping all pretense on the track ‘On Love’ and instead delivers a portion of a poem called ‘The Prophet’ by Lebanese poet Kahlil Gibran without any accompaniment. Bold decisions like these mark Xolisa as an artist with something to say while not being afraid to use unorthodox means to get heard. Instead of rapping for the sake of rapping she had this to say of the ep:

‘These 5 pieces were all created at times in my life when they needed to be created, when those specific rhythms needed to be made and those lyrics constructed- I strongly believe that.’

The best art is art that is made with a passion for the making of it, the best songs manifestations of persistent emotions that will not be at peace until exorcised. Xolisa gives us herself on a platter with ‘A Beautiful Mind’ and the result is as unique as a fingerprint. Chill hip hop with a strong sense of purpose and musical sensibility results in a tight ep with major replay value.

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