W!ll Lloyd (@Willest95) ‘Drugs in the Forrest’


W!ll Lloyd is a 19 year old out of New Jersey who’s newest project is a seven song EP and gives us a taste at what he has in store. ‘Drugs in the Forrest’ is an album title that describe’s it’s album pretty accurately, laid back listening with psychedelic undertones. Most of the production is done by Rashaun who keeps it busy with swirling synthesizers and rapid fire snare hits. He’s a restless producer and the music is unpredictable and lively. In ‘Corona’ he takes a fairly recognizable horn sample and puts it through the ringer, warping it and cutting it up so that it becomes a unique instrument in it’s own right. Rashaun and the other producers take some risks here and there but overall they keep the sound uniform, maintaining  the chill, ‘Drugs in the Forrest’ vibe.

W!ll Lloyd has got the perfect delivery for the project, he punches occasionally but more often slurs and lets the words tumble over each other. The opener ‘Swang’,  has Lloyd at his best with a tricky flow on one of his most upbeat tracks. Check out the project in it’s entirety below.

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