Watts the Future (@wattsthefuture) ‘LX3’


Watts the Future is an emcee out of Kansas that just released his latest video for his track ‘LX3’. Off of his latest ep ‘Late Nostalgic Boulevard’, which we posted about earlier here. The meaning of the tracks title is ‘love, living life and the like’. With a catchy hook that works as a mantra, Watts chooses to ignore the pervasive negativity of his peers for some wordplay celebrating his time on this earth. Watts gives us clean delivery over a chill beat that keeps it simple with some boom bap, piano and some shimmering synth for good measure.

The visuals give us a glimpse into small moments that make life sweet. Things like the lights of apartments blending together while driving with some friends, moments that seem boring while happening but nostalgic on reflection. Watts is able to convey what keeps him going without glamourizing it but still setting it to a beat and making it one hell of a listen.

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