Watch Mankind of The New Rap Order Collective In New Video ‘My New Age’

As we start off Black History Month, the NYC duo ManKind from the New Rap Order Collective, release the official video for the single ‘My New Age.’ Group members Nathaniel! LLumiN@TE Gasque and Brian SciryL Henry take it to one of New York’s iconic bridges to spit over a hard-hitting production by The Deity Complex.

In an email to AllUnsigned®, the group talked about the origin of their name and more.

Our group name is inspired by the 3 personas of Mick Foley aka Mankind (Balance), Cactus Jack (yin) and Dude Love (yang). We complement each with seemingly polar opposite styles, flows, and personalities that are independent yet interconnected. ManKind is more than music. It’s a way of Life. It’s a Community. It’s collective healing through creation. We have collaborated with over 75 artists.

The group has released 8 concept projects since November 2015 and they continue to go hard here in 2017. You have to appreciate this group, as they stick to the foundation of Hip Hop with their nostalgic flow as well as their approach; No need for the bling and half naked women. Just pure rhymes, good company and some drinks with the clique will do.

Check out the Dav Jeff directed video above and be sure to check out some more dope videos by Mankind after the break below.

Mankind - Back In the World

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