Watch Huemanz Militia In Visuals For ‘AFRXWSTXRY’

AFRXWSTXRY is the first single from the upcoming album GXLD HERRINGBXNEZ: VXLUME 3 by the group Huemanz Militia. It is the song that sounds every bit of the 90’s and today’s current events. It is a tribute to every mother that has lost her child by the hands of these wicked evil men and women.

The Story from our perspective is what we are gifting to every listener. The first track and the first single from the album. We are releasing each single and video in chronological order because this whole album is a story, a story that needs to be heard in full. It is an enlightening and awakening experience for those who don’t know, this is our movement. We are speaking to our afrxw people, short for our African people.

We our giving our pain in relation to each one of our people. Produced as a recreation of Da Wolf Pac definition, by jay play. Entering 4 seconds into the track and on, we are telling you we want you to know. This is exactly what black lives matter means, an awareness, said Huemanz Militia.

Check out the the visuals above.