Watch Flex The Antihero’s Natural Born Killers Inspired Visuals ‘Stick Up Kids’

Flex The Antihero releases the official video to the his single ‘Stick Up Kids.’ The record, produced by M Mac and Emerson Brooks, will be featured on his forthcoming album Born Rebels, which is set to be released October 2016.

The video was heavily inspired by the movie “Natural Born Killers”, which I’m sure most will pick up on right away. I was always a fan of the way the “Bonnie and Clyde type” relationship has been portrayed in film, as well as music. The record fit the theme perfectly, and the visuals were able to bring life to what I had envisioned when writing the song initially. I said to myself “I’m tired of visuals relying solely on the performance aspect, fuck the performance aspect”, so we decided to cross it out entirely. – Flex The Antihero

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