Watch CMG Artist Plane Jaymes Interview With The Plugg Radio Show

Plane Jaymes The Plugg Interview

Plane Jaymes visits NCCU campus to sit down with Kool Kel on The Plugg Radio Show. The CMG artist discuses his hot new record ‘Water Wet’ featuring Yo Gotti, along with other records that he previously released. He talks about how the push from his aunt really propelled his decision to seriously get into the music business. From that point on he made a plan, stuck to it, and is now living out his dreams.

In this interview you get to discover more about the Harrisburg, PA artist, he’s been doing music for the past 14 years strong and has never given up. Plane Jaymes’ new single ‘Saddle Up‘ is available now on most digital service platforms.

Check out the full interview below.

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