Virginia Beach Native Ant-Live Releases New Project Listen To ‘So’

Ant-Live releases brand new project titled So which includes production by BigCat Hipahollics, Buddy Hill & Fabster.

For the past few years the Virginia Beach native has been working tirelessly to improve himself. He’s acted as a perfectionist on this EP and has scrapped it several times before releasing it, as he wanted it to sound just right.

He says, “It’s something I’ve worked on many times and scraped because I wanted it to sound a certain way. I had fun making this and I’m confident to say this the best body of work I’ve released and it’s only 1/4th of the grand picture. 3 other EP’s will follow to create a title I’ve gone by for a very long time.”

You can get Ant-Live’s latest project on all major digital service platforms such as iTunes. Have a listen to 6-track project above.

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