Truez (@truezNATION) ‘Super Villain’


Truez began his rap career by remaking g-unit records for his classmates in Augusta, GA but has come a long way since then. Coming off of his sophomore record ‘Damn My Lifetime’, he has just dropped the visuals for the first single ‘Super Villain’.

It’s a moody jam that showcases the darker side of Truez, rapping about devious deeds while a crooning female back up singer resonates with sadness. The production is handled by Mr Incredible Beatz with an expert hand, propelling the track forward with clicky drums that drop out during the hook to give space for atmosphere. Truez kills it with his hype delivery and tricky flow, switching up his momentum and cadence to create a tongue-twisting track that demands multiple listens.

The visuals are handled by GT films with polish and sophistication. They give you a bit of a story as well as presenting us with some striking imagery just for aesthetic sake. There is a shot with fire super-imposed over a mask that is particularly effective.

Compared to rapping over 50 cent tracks, Truez has evolved into an artist with his own voice and sense of purpose, so keep an eye out for ‘Damn My Lifetime’ dropping soon. 

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