Trajikk (@TheRealTrajikk) ‘You’

Trajikk 'You'

Jamaican born, Vancouver based Hip Hop artist, Trajikk draws his inspiration for his music from his youth. A life of crime, drugs, and often death enabled the rapper to escape through his music and turn his life around. Trajikk prides himself in his ability to consistently change his flow and considers himself a master of this dynamic.

Along with intelligent and complex rhyme schemes he is able to get his point across lyrically on any given beat, effortlessly creating the most vivid pictures for his listeners. He hopes to make a name for himself in the future and gain all the rewards and accolades that come with it.

Stream Trajikk’s new single ‘You (Jhene Aiko Remix)’ with production on the track by Hugo Trafficante below.

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