Tony (@tony_wlc) ‘Third Eye Blind’

Tony 'White Lighter Club'

Tony’s of White Lighter Club debuts his Third Eye Blind mixtape, which draws inspiration from the likes of Kanye West, N*E*R*D*, and Amy Winehouse. On the tape he paints the portrait of an aspiring 20 year old rapper in New York City, experimenting with spirituality while documenting the early road to success.

The project itself is a sort of abstract commentary on the current state of music, its influence on Tony’s life, and where he vows to take his own career. Sonically, this work has a great deal of variety sure to please a broad range of listener’s ears.

It has substance and introspection for fans of the deeper side of hip-hop, yet it comes equipped with bangers and a handful of radio ready hits. Listen to his offering below.

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