Tommie (@yesiamtommie) ‘King’


Originally out of Miami is up and coming rapper Tommie who started to pursue rap at 16 and hasn’t looked back since. It’s clear in his video for his track ‘King’ that the years of practice have paid off. Tommie demonstrates his killer flow with articulation and style as a tinkling piano backs the smooth vibe. The sample at the beginning gives us a glimpse at Tommie’s statement, that for all their power, kings and emperors are no more wise or better than the common man. In the same verse Tommie crowns himself and makes it meaningless, stripping the power from the title and making it clear he’s rapping to survive.

With the amount of positive feedback he’s received it looks to be a possibility, so glance his visuals below and be sure to keep an eye on Tommie here. He also just released the latest video for an equally laid-back jam ‘Inspired by Manhattan’ which you can check out here.

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