Thurman Junior (@ThurmanJunior) ‘Black Roses’

Thurman Junior - Black Roses

Thurman Junior, the newest edition to the Noir Popular Management and Albany, NY native, follows up his December 13 project with his 22-track effort titled Black Roses. December 13 featured the stand out tracks “Cachi’s Interlude” and “Narcissists”. Both an artists and producer, Thurman Junior is an act to watch out for.

On the project, Thurman Junior infuses the essence of true hip hop, an almost lost art, over modern-day production. Junior highlights his lyrical ability effortlessly as Black Roses receives production from JuSaMelody, Crank Lucas, Lexi Banks, and a handful of self-produced records. Chosin and Iyadonna add verses to the project as well. Thurman Junior also takes on a few covers with Drake’s “Draft Day”.

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