Thee Pharoah Enlists CorTez & Meela Li For New Single ‘Altitude’

Thee Pharoah 'Attitude'

Thee Pharaoh releases, ‘Altitude,’ a promotional single for his debut solo EP, RamenRhymin ’06.

Thee Pharoah wrote and produced the single, with the intention of a chill vibe. The beat features acoustic guitar samples. For the first time, he stacked his vocals with a singer. “I want to experiment with each drop, and this is a new sound for me,” said Thee Pharoah.

Altitude,’ features vocals from St. Louis artists, CorTez and Meela Li. “With Altitude, I wanted to make a light song you can ride to, also bringing it back to with with Tez’s verse.”

The single will serve as the second track of a three-track series, called #WaitForRR06. The title of the EP, RamenRhymin, derived from a time, last year, when the rapper began living off Ramen noodles. “I lost hella weight and started grinding musically, non-stop,” said Thee Pharoah.

In addition to the RamenRhymin EP, fans can look forward to a video for ‘Altitude.’ Stream the audio below.

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