The Wave (@EmbraceTheWave) ‘Kill-A-Lot’

THE WAVE - Kill-A-Lot (feat. Shaddy Feelgood)

When The Wave introduces the “Kill-A-Lot” video, he’s not introducing you to a life of violence and crime. In fact, he’s introducing the masses to his home of New Orleans, its traditions, uniqueness and everything else the beautiful city has to offer. Featuring cameos by some of New Orleans’ greatest talents such as Soulja Slim’s artist Kayotic, comedian & Shaq’s All Star Comedy Jam winner Shaddy Feelgood, Lil Wayne & Kevin Gates’ affiliate, Fee, and more —

The Wave takes you from uptown to downtown New Orleans explaining the culture and how he is on his way to becoming the uncontested savior of the N.O. “Kill-A-Lot” appears on The Wave’s 2014 NOLA Hip Hop Award winning album “Million Dollar Day,” which is available on iTunes now.

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