The Kennedys (@_thekennedys_) ‘War’


The Kennedys are a hip hop duo out of Arizona that have just released visuals for their track ‘War’ off of their latest EP entitled ‘As Requested’.

This new release, directed by Miguel Sandoval, keeps it subtle and is all the more powerful for it. A song coming from heartbreak, we are treated to images of broken bottles, other signs of domestic violence and a woman walking away with a bag. Everything we see is the result of a storm that has already passed and the elegant images convey regret with little exposition. The beat consists of little more than a bass drum that can sound like the beating of a heart at times, with a forlorn piano playing minor keys to set the mood.

The two emcees  that make up The Kennedys, J.A Millionz and Mat-trix, do an admirable job of the heart on the sleeve kind of raps that this track needs. The hook on this track keeps it low-key with a melody that’ll stick with you.

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