Tee Lyve Releases New 7-Track EP ‘The Late Bloomer’

Tee Lyve, The Late Bloomer

With a rap game saturated with a certain sound it’s very hard for any artist who doesn’t follow those same guidelines make a name for his or herself in today’s hip hop music but Tee Lyve has the potential to stand above the rest while going against the grain. With an old school style on a new school sound Tee Lyve balances both well on his debut EP titled Late Bloomer. He takes you on a 7 track journey back to his days growing up in Crown Heights Brooklyn where being different was sort of taboo.

With tracks like ‘You’ll Feel Alright’ when he first experienced getting high & during his high realizing what it’ll take to live the life he envisions. ‘Albany Ave’ reflects on his days growing up in Crown Heights & ‘iLive & iLearn,’ which is more of an acceptance track. Accepting the fact that he started pursuing music late, but appreciating the past experiences that made him who he is today and looking forward to a future of endless possibilities.

Tee Lyve’s eclectic hip hop delivery is something you can’t put your finger on but still have an appreciation for it whether you’re a fan of the old or new school style hip hop music. He is definitely one of those up and coming music artist you should be on the look out for for years to come cause theirs no doubt that he’ll make an impact in this music industry.