Takticz (@Takticz) ‘No Chill’

No Chill Takticz

Takticz’s new song “No Chill” is play on the popular saying. Instead of using the term how you might see it in a funny Instagram or Vine hashtag, he gives the phrase a new depth. The 21-year-old Rapper/Singer uses the saying to explain what a lot of people go through at a young age, a volatile relationship.

Stylistically the song sounds something like Drake meets Kendrick. There is more than enough bass to rattle your trunk, and the emcee shows he can rap fast, while his background harmonies tease you with that fact that he can sing past the auto-tune. The track is the perfect background music for a viral vine or Instagram video, and could even be a breakout single for the young artist.

This is the kind of song you could hear playing in the club or slumping obnoxiously loud out of car windows well into next year.

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