T-Zank (@RealTZank) ‘Rise Above’


T-Zank is an artist with enough energy in his delivery to power a city block. With spitfire speed he tears up the track ‘Rise Above’ with a manic style, detailing moving past your station in life to something better. Who doesn’t love the kind of fast rap that makes your ears perk up? The kind that’ll make you bob your head to the beat, but also in encouragement for the tongue twisting talent?

The video has just as much energy, with T-Zank bursting out of his skin at times but downtrodden at others. It helps represent the boiling dissatisfaction of working that nine to five without change and that desire to release that anger. The too much to say, too little time approach T-Zank takes is a perfect representation of working class frustration.

T-Zank has a new mixtape called ‘Section Z’ dropping tomorrow @HotNewHipHop.

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