T.Lee (@travislee8) ‘Love Guns And Roses’ Mixtape

TLEE Love Guns Roses Mixtape

Love Guns and Roses is a sixteen track excursion through the life, love, and reality of a young man with the world as his fingertips. T. Lee uses this project to artfully express the peaks and valleys of his journey, highlighting the triumphs and tragedies attached to making your way to the top.

Made clear by the masterfully integrated samples and original tracks, the projects exudes a growth and transformation that is all his own.

‘Vanilla Sky,’ ‘The Matrixx,’ ‘Ain’t Nobody,’ and ‘Victor Cruz’ are the standout tracks from the project that features quality collaborations with TLG, Bunk, and live guitar by Escobar.

TLEE Love Guns Roses tracklisting

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