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    Artist: Jeff Nobvdy

    Listen and vibe

    Listen to Social Butterfly ft. Kid Ty & Lisa Freeman by Jeff Nobvdy #np on #SoundCloud

  • Artist Name : Jaiz
    Song Title : My Victory (Feat. Anna)
    Song Description : “My Victory (Feat. Anna)” is an inspirational hip-hop/rap song. This track details a story of self-growth and perseverance.

  • KHg

    Artist Name: LA Jetson

    My Name is LA Jetson a independent from East St. Louis, Illinois. Real dope music that gives you a down south Texas feel. Cam’ron, Pimp C & Project Pat are highly influenced in my music. Currently doing local showcases & pop-up shops promoting my clothing line (RaRe) which means Respect Artistic Rebels Everywhere.

  • Chunk J
  • Zachary Durham (Born October 17, 1993) is an R&B recording artist from Brooklyn, NY.

    As the oldest of 3 brothers, Zachary is a strong influence for youth all around brooklyn.

    Also, as the trumpet player for Sus.Life ENT, Zachary is able to bring diversity to his music. Beginning his musical debut as a trumpet player in 2010, Zachary is often labeled as “The Trumpet Kid”. Recently releasing his single “Tired”, Zachary surprised his fans with his soulful voice accompanied by his trumpet.

    Being influenced by many artists such as Clifford Brown, Chet Baker, John Legend, Hall and Oates, R.Kelly, And Usher, Zachary brings a mixture of soul, jazz, R&B and instrumentation to his recordings and live music alike. Zachary is able to connect with many different aspects of his fans.

    Zachary recalls, “Music is my one and only outlet to really show who I am as a person. What makes my music different is the incorporation of Jazz progressions with R&B vocals.” Being one of the only underground artists who is able sing and accompany his band with his trumpet, Zachary is has a very unique way of showing who he truly is and is on a mission to innovate the R&B genre. Be on the look out for his debut album “Love Thru Lust”

  • Black Zack

    Artist Name: Vante Reed

    Song Title: Saturday Nite Live

    Album: 24 will be released on April 28, 2016

    Genre: R&B/Pop

    Attatched is Epk including Bio and Photos

    Saturday Nite live is the First single release off of Vante’s Album “24”. Vante hails from Dallas Fort Worth,Tx by way of Atlanta,Ga. Vante has performed locally in Texas as well as Atlanta. Starting off first as a songwriter and then working his way up to Artist Vante has an extreme confidence in his talents and you can hear that confidence expressed when he sings.

    Saturday Nite Live was produced by the newest Duo Production team “The Slackers”. (The Slackers include Music Producers Rainy Keys and T.Michaels) The production Team is based out of Atlanta,Ga.

  • Dre

    Name: Dre?Who
    Age: 22
    Location: San Diego, CA
    Short Description: I’m a producer that generates a downtempo yet vibrant perspective in music with a combination of soul, bass, and r&b sounds.

    “Save Me” is combination of Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul and Def Jam Poetry. With samples from Shihan’s poem “Love Like” on Def Jam Poetry, it’s an inspired track based on real life experiences. It caters to everyone who has experienced a journey of finding love. “Save Me” is a dedication to that “one” person in whom he or she believes that can save them.

    The message behind my sound and sampling selection is to transmit substantial and meaningful “feelings” for my audience members to enjoy.

    I welcome honest feedback. Enjoy my newest single “Save Me”!

  • BosMan205

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    Please Recognize that were just an Underground Artist that are trying to make a name and a image for ourselves

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    Self aspiring artist whom is Self Employed

    Cd Duplications , Music Production , Album Art , Promotion and ect. contact us @

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  • Clout Godz

    Clout Godz Single “The Sway” is out now.

    This story is one for the ages. A group of teenagers from the NW suburbs of Chicago, transcending the game with a sound that’s been uniquely labeled as “Hood Pop”. Super catchy choruses, melodic punchy production and vocal arrangements that instantly catches the attention of listeners. Its not rapping. Its not singing. Its a fusion of the two perfectly arranged to make the Clout Godz Sound.

    In current times, coming from the Chicago-land area, certain music genres have been directly connected to the violence that has riddled the city over the last few years. No such labels can be associated with this young up and coming power group.

    Continue Leading Our Universe Together.
    GODZ represent inspiration, belief, leadership and respect.

    Music for the Clout Godz is truly an outlet. With real life situations including single parent households, homelessness and loosing a parent to death, has bonded these young men closer together. “The music makes us feel good and forget about all the negative things” says the groups youngest member & founder, Marco(15).

    With a humble start, in early 2015 consisting of a Rock-band mic and a Laptop, this young group has made amazing strides in a short period of time. After graduating their talents to Studio 270, a multimedia teen center located inside the Gail Borden library in Elgin, IL. Clout Godz have managed to build a solid catalog of great sounding music and a respectable fan base.

    Their lead off single, titled “Sway” is a medium paced dance challenge song with a very catchy chorus. With the dance craze being so popular, and the song being so catchy and well arranged, the combination is a win win. The follow up, “Feel like the Man” will become an instant party anthem. An up tempo, bouncy record, that will magnify the Clout Godz buzz even more.

    Currently, the group is busy in the studio putting the finishing touches on their debut mixtape titled “Trending Topic”. This mixtape will be an instant classic, consisting of top notch production and first class arrangements. Stay in touch with Clout Godz and find out about new music and upcoming events.

    For Booking Contact:

    Raising The Bar Management


    IG: @cgecloutgodz

    Twitter: @cgecloutgodz

  • ROME$

    I am an R&B singer located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. My name is ROME$ I have been in the music scene for less than a year. I am submitting my music so hopefully I can get a feature on your page , thank you.

  • Taj Ahkel

    For your consideration – Please see the italicized below to skip to
    our objective – Thank you!

    Taj Ahkel began writing poems from his apartment in Santa Ana at the
    age of 11 and developed as an artist throughout high school, releasing songs
    & performing with his close friends under the name ‘Last Original Poets.’

    After local success with LOP, Taj took a step toward crafting
    his passion into a career in 2014 with the independent release of his music
    video “Focus,” a promo for his first mixtape, “J.A.M.” Without any formal media
    push, the video garnered 10,000+ views on YouTube, and Taj demonstrated an
    ability to catch public attention on various Internet forums with his earnest, catchy
    flow and thoughtful lyrics.

    Shortly after, Taj began spreading his tape throughout Santa Ana and
    Orange County while developing live performance chops with small local shows
    and pay to play dates at the Anaheim House of Blues,
    selling out through local publicity and word-of-mouth on each occasion.

    Now 20, Taj has his sights set on L.A and looks to pursue a career
    in music. He has since teamed up with a local director to produce several music
    videos and has added to his repertoire with a second mixtape, “Sophomore
    Mentality,” released in February 2016. As of this week, it will be hosted on
    Pandora Radio.

    While Taj works hard on multiple projects including his first
    full-length album, we would like to debut his music video for “Nothing To It”
    via a public medium with more reach. We are equally interested in any
    merit-based coverage or criticism that may be given to “Sophomore

    Please take a listen to the mixtape (with tracks 1-3 recommended), and feel free to
    reach out with any additional questions.

  • Marcus Clark

    Florida’s New Superproducer

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  • Gary Smith
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  • Arash A-Rush Amini

    New Music from Zulu King Lastman addressing the Afrika Bambaataa situation

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