Sponsored Video: Miz MAF ‘1st Infantry’ [Dir by Peter Parker]

Miz MAF - 1st Infantry

Following the success of his previously-released tracks, ‘Gotta Get It’ and the Freeway-assisted ‘That White,’ the Philadelphia rhyme slayer Miz Maf has strategically chosen ‘1st Infantry’ as the next single off his LP, Behold A Pale Horse. He picked the song because he wanted to provide listeners with a better sense of his character and identity.

“This is the first song on the album, so as always I had to go hard and give them me overall to start the album off right,” the rapper explains. “I take you on a ride through my life on this one, letting you know where I come from and where I’m going. There’s a line for everyone in this, from the fans to the music industry and especially the streets that I represent daily.”

Miz MAF '1st Infantry' Video

He also gave ‘1st Infantry’ the video treatment. Directed by Peter Parker, the clip features Miz Maf and his crew walking around in some of Philly’s grimiest spots, as well as holding court in an abandoned warehouse. The fierce track and its visual also serve as a tribute to the rap culture stylings of the late 80s and early 90s.

“The inspiration behind the video is from Nas’ ‘It Ain’t Hard to Tell’ and The Warriors movie,” Miz Maf says. “Even what I wear, I wanted to give it that real street feel — no shiny suits and no ice, just raw bars. I came up in the golden era of hip-hop, so any time I can pay homage and try to school the youngins who don’t know bout those times, [then I will]. They should know it because it’s the history of the game.”

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