Sponsored Single: VSTHEREAL ‘Took A Vow’

vsthereal Took A Vow

‘Took a Vow’ is the first single off VSTHEREAL’s forthcoming mixtape R.O.M: The Honeymoon Vol 2. “[The] Project is about the promises I made to my self and others to be passionate about the loves in my life. My higher self first, family second and music third,” said VSTHEREAL. “I owe nobody any explanations for my choices and expect no hand out to be given. I summed all that up in [the single] ‘Took A Vow.”

Staying true to the art form of Hip Hop, VSTHEREAL is one of the few independent artists who keeps it true to themselves when it comes to the music they make. Currently in his own lane, he’s made a vow to grind without the handouts and let the music speak for itself.

Spitting with cause and purpose, have a listen to VSTHEREAL’s ‘Took A Vow’ below and hold tight for his upcoming R.O.M. 2 project.

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