Sponsored Mixtape: Vinnie-D & Awkward Generation Release ‘Life In A Day’

Vinnie-D & Awkward Generation 'Life In A Day'

Life In A Day‘ is the new collaboration EP by Vinnie-D & Awkward Generation. It’s a story about struggling with self-confidence, battling self doubt and taking a hard look at oneself  in the society we live in today. The Story ends when Vinnie-D realizes that loving yourself and the one’s that truly love you is true happiness.

The introspective project includes 9 tracks produced entirely by Awkward Generation with the exception of the bonus track ‘Bad Day,’ produced by Jon Jon YG. Featured verses by Markus & AMET Ricky.

“I was feeling some type of way one day. So I wrote this whole mixtape in a day. I hope you enjoy experiencing Life In A Day”Vinnie-D

Have a listen to the entire project below.

Vinnie-D 'Life In a Day'

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