Smokey Tha Bear (@2ndBranch) Ft. Android No. 23 ‘Undefeated’

Smokey Tha Bear - Undefeated ft. Android No. 23

Mild Sobriety’s Smokey Tha Bear is back with his first single since ‘No Chaser,’ this time he gives listeners a motivational track entitled ‘Undefeated.’ This time around Smokey enlists the help of fellow Mild Sobriety member Android No. 23 for an anthem of sorts; Smokey starts off the song by describing the type of undefeated he feels in his life right now, he makes his point clear with lines like, “If you known how we flowing you’d see I’m so different.”w we flowing you’d see I’m so different.”

As the song progresses he beings deepen in his message saying that being undefeated is accomplished by a group of people not just one single person and no mater your craft everyone strives for that untouchable feeling . Undefeated tells listeners never to strive for average.

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