Smitty (@emceeSmitty) and a Queen City Committee ‘Pot Luck the Album’


Emcee Smitty has released a love letter to his hometown Springfield, MO with ‘Pot Luck the Album’.

‘SPRINGFIELD, MO has always been a hot bed for undiscovered musical talent…and Hip Hop is no exception…. “Smitty & A Queen City Committee” is a compilation of collaborations (it’s a compilaboration) with other local rap artists.’

Smitty has done an  excellent job of gathering the talent to produce a solid album from cover to cover. Lando Beats handles almost all of the production resulting in a cohesive style, with pitch bent samples, jazz horns, funk guitars and strong emphasis on the beat throughout.

The stable of talent Smitty has brought together does not have a lame duck in the whole bunch. Emcee Ludo has three strong showings and Ally Dixon shines when providing her pipes on a couple tracks.

Lyrically, Springfield keeps it light mostly to match the upbeat flavour of the sampler. Taking on issues like the size of his dvd collection to sex in the recording booth. All in all it’s a diverse listen that has got the old boom bap to keep your head nodding.

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