SmashMouth Entertainment Presents  F L A C O’s New Project ‘WRKFRMHME’

SmashMouth Entertainment is excited to present F L A C O’s highly anticipated project titled WRKFRMHME

While some want to make a career off a single sound, F L A C O’s diversity is his strength. On WRKFRMHME, he switches flows and voice styles effortlessly, jumping from rapping to singing to screaming, sometimes on the same track. Foregoing much sampling on his bubbly beats, he instead weaves his influences through lyrical content and song structure, paying homage to a range of artists, from heavy metal band Drowning Pool to Swedish pop rockers The Cardigans.

The project takes a hard look at the dichotomy F L A C O’s experiencing — while constantly trying to push his innovative sound and prove himself to new fans, some local ones want to keep him sounding like an old version of himself. However, F L A C O’s approach is constantly changing, and it makes for an exciting ride. 

“WRKFRMHME is the loosely based concept of independently making art and the emotional spectrum that comes along with that. No budget. No hype. No cosign. Just a guy making music in his girlfriend’s basement. This project is merely a continuation of my journey of finding my voice as an emcee and chasing the forever fleeting idea of “success”.”F L A C O 

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