Skrilla UGQ (@SkrillaUGQ_) ‘AMUKBAR2014’

Skrilla UGQ - 'AMUKBAR 2014'

Bristol Born Skrilla UGQ (UnderGround Queen) is a female rapper/songwriter who is set to shake up the underground hiphop scene. As an artist Skrilla shows that one of her unique features is the ability to be versatile, with her steady flow Skrilla effortlessly blends her hard-hitting verses with catchy melodic choruses. Not to mention her delivery which is always on point.

Skrilla is one of those artists who cannot easily be compared to other artists within the hiphop genre as her style is clearly unique. As an artist Skrilla UGQ loves to explore different styles of music which can take her creativity to new levels. Skrilla is heavily inspired by the Ancient Kings&Queens and this influence is shown through her music and general approach to life.

To date Skrilla UGQ has released 2 mixtapes “The Warm Up” & “Certified Queen” and is currently working on her EP. Watch the official visual to filmed and edited by Anonymous Media UK.

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