Seth Dyer Releases Important Message In New Single ‘Black Ghosts’

Seth Dyer - Black Ghosts

“We cannot afford the message continuing to fall on deaf ears,’ says Seth Dyer’s. In the last couple of weeks our children, our loved ones, and the world alike, have been subjected to multiple photos and videos of men being murdered by those who have taken an oath to uphold the law and protect these same people.

This is not News. This is an everyday atrocity that plagues the entire country, especially the Black Community. We need to band together, make our voices heard, take action and put an end to the unethical treatment and loss of precious human life. We and our children should not be numbed by the constant barrage of men, women and children being shot and killed by The Police.

Black Ghosts was written and recorded to address The Police, The Judicial System and their blind eye to systematic racism long before the most recent violent events. Sadly the message and the relevance holds true.

Black Ghosts is a call for peace.
We need to do more than make songs and talk about change.
We need to be the change.
We need to lead with love.

Have a listen to Seth Dyer’s latest single, which touches on social issues we all need to be concerned about

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