Sean Michael Ft. Brown Young Quael Nathan Grey ‘Champagne & Friends’ [Prod. By @TheDJMoneyGreen]

Sean Michael Ft. Brown Young Quael Nathan Grey - Champagne & Friends (prod. by DJ MoneyGreen)

“Champagne and Friends”, a single from DJ MoneyGreen’s upcoming producer compilation album, “Good Weed, Good People” offers a cipher vibe that results when backpack rappers and best friends get together in the studio to make music.

Sean Michael, Brown, Young Quael and Nathan Grey are a part of the new wave of young upcoming hip hop artists making a name for themselves in Nashville.

The “Good Weed, Good People” mixtape, hosted by DJ Logan Garrett and DJ GB is scheduled for release at the end of September and features the conglomeration of heavy hitting artists from back pack rappers to trappers, to new wave R&B and underground female artists in the city of Nashville along side a few features from Atlanta and New Orleans. Giving you a diversified sample of Nashville’s sound, “Good Weed, Good People” bridges and blends the traditionally separate rap and hip hop sub groups within the city.

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