Scipio (@SCB5) ‘Piano’


The last we heard of Scipio was on ‘Cast Away’ about a year ago, now he’s come back with a true confessional in his track ‘Piano’. One of those rare hip hop track that does away with drums and allows the stop, start syllables of the emcee take care of the percussion. It’s the perfect vibe for the content, a direct questioning of the music business with many song writers behind the scene that watch other artist’s take credit for their work. You can hear the frustration in Scipio’s voice as he vents about the arbitrary system of who gets promoted and who gets neglected. It becomes a ballad with teeth, a heart on the sleeve kind of track but without the sentimentality that makes those tracks hard to take seriously. Not a track to raise Scipio to the top but rather a track he needed to release for himself. ‘Piano’ started as an outlet for him to vent but once released becomes an honest work of art that many musicians can relate to right away.

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