Roze (@IAMJroze) ‘One Night’

Roze 'One Night'

Eclectic and infectious, Pop/Soul artist J. Roze’s sound fuses his Jamaican background with the Pop, rock, and Soul music he grew up listening to. He has a large variety of artists he look up too and gains inspiration from including Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Ne-Yo, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Mr. Vegas, and Sean Paul just to name a few.

Roze was born in South Jamaica, NY as Omar Langshaw Jr. by his parents who hailed from Kingston, Jamaica. Losing the loss of his father at the early age of two Roze confined himself into the only thing he knew which was music. Roze knew he could sing but never took it seriously since he was shy he only used his gift to get girls. Wasn’t until he met up with people at the age of 16 he started recording his own music. In 2009 Roze originally started putting out his own music under his first name “Omar” gaining a buzz he dropped two records through Twiturm which was Twitter’s first music outlet when the site first became trending which gained him over 10K plays for both records.

With his popularity and model image he was able to perform at local events and do radio shows by the end of 2010. Unfortunately due to copyright purposes and group issues Roze wasn’t able to release his mixtape which caused the artist to fall back into a 4 year period of perfecting his craft. When asked about why he didn’t release his music he stated, “At that time way from all the drama in my life, I felt disconnected with that project. I felt like I was just making music because it sounded good and not because it felt good. I don’t want to make music that people can just skip over I want to make music people can sing the words to and dance to”.

Being the humble and hardworking artist he is with his new stage name, Roze is back and ready to fully make his mark. With his music that’s out now he’s currently working on his next project which is set to be released winter 2014.

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