Royal Illness (@royalillness) ‘Mercenaries Creed/Shit Israel’

Mercenaries Creed 'Royal Illness'

Underground HipHop Lyricist/Producer Royal Illness out of Lexington, KY has been in the business of music since ’02 and has dropped two projects since. His first was a 2005 release entitled SoundTrack To The War,Vol.1 and in 2011 he released the project Armed Forces.

Fast forward to 2014, Royal Illness is still in the game and working on his second installment of the tape SoundTrack To The War,Vol.2, which is scheduled for a February 21st release.

Below is Royal’s latest visuals to his self-produced single ‘Mercenaries Creed‘ as well as the joint ‘Shit Isreal’ which features Sheisty Khrist and 13Five. Royal says, “The Songs Theme Is Rallying The People Who Have Been Oppressed To Overcome Their Conquerors And It Lyrically Goes Thru The Process Of Physical Slavery Transforming Into The Mental One Of Today.”

If you appreciate artists like; Dead Prez, Immortal Technique, Vinnie Paz and Ill Bill you’ll enjoy this.