Rob Forte (@realrobforte_) ‘S.O.U.L.’


We’ve covered Miami emcee Rob Forte before and now he has finally got around to releasing his full-length debut mixtape we’ve been waiting on called ‘S.O.U.L.’. The wait was worth it, as Forte brings to the table a fully developed sound that goes from hype to chill with ease. With all the best elements of trap beats, the dynamics and the energy, without sounding overdone, the production is tight from start to finish.

Forte has an ease with his delivery, even when spitting like lightning he’s got a casual flow. It’s as if he raps out of the side of a crooked smile, a knowing grin that doesn’t need to convince you but will let you in on his secret if you listen close.

That’s not to say there aren’t some hype tracks, ‘The Code’ and ‘The Vow (I Promise)’ hit you with huge beats that don’t let up. The stand out track is the two in one ‘Ski Mask/Get High’ that starts out as a slow jam that laments the hard choices made on the street before upping the pace with it’s infectious hook. The second half is a love letter to the green and slows it right down to match the mood. The mixtape closes out with a collaboration with Rod Markie and Bonz Rollie, a track with minor keys and beat breaks that give it the drama that the subject deserves. It could be about one rapper but it’s more likely autobiographical of all three talents and their struggles, not only in the rap game, but throughout their lives.

Give Rob Forte a spin, forget his name is two letters off a certain crack-smoking mayor, and enjoy some new hip hop from an emerging talent.

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