Rob Forte (@realrobforte_) ‘Hallucinations’


Out of Miami, Rob Forte is gearing up for the release of his latest mixtape, entitled ‘S.O.U.L.’, with the new visuals for his single ‘Hallucinations‘. Forte describes himself as being raised with soul, R&B, jazz and classical music but what he demonstrates on this track is his ability to spit rhymes of any caliber. He begins by showcasing how fast he can rap and then slows it down with a distant muted effect. Production on ‘Hallucinations’ is handled by Rude Beats with spiking synth lines giving way to spacey breakdowns. Forte creates dynamic rhymes that evolve with the beat and keeps the short video fresh all the way through.

The visuals are simple enough but add a devil on my shoulder kind of narrative to the track. The grainy filter and off center screen reinforces the hallucinatory aspect of the track, giving the video an unstable feel like it will fall apart any minute. 

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