Reb Skylakrer (@REbSkylarker) ‘On My Life’

REb Skylarker 'On My Life'

The visual On My Life directed by Phoenix Walters portrays how feelings of anger, wrath & rage can provoke evil and unforgivable acts of violence. Many of these acts take place particularly in African-American communities.

“We as “Negros” have forgotten that Malcolm X died for our freedom or that Harriet Tubman risked her life freeing our enslaved relatives. Activists such as Huey Netwon and Dr. MLK Jr. also contributed in the equality and freedom for blacks in America.”

This video was filmed to raise awareness on the “black on black” homicides in our community. Break every chain and join the Peace & Skyscrapers movement educating our youth on black on black crimes in our cities and promoting the importance of unity, peace & love throughout some of the worst cities in the United States, which include Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Miami and New York. A revolution did not become a revolution until a rebel decided to revolt.