Rayne Drop (@RayneGretzky) ‘Phantom Of The Chopera’

Rayne Drop 'Phantom Of The Chopera'

Saskatchewan isn’t exactly the first province that comes to mind when you think of Hip Hop – but all that is about to change. Hailing from the small northern town of Prince Albert, producer Rayne Drop is no stranger to the game. From dabbling in production in 2006, to paying more serious attention in 2009, and now launching his inaugural project in 2014, this young beatsmith is truly beginning to make himself heard in all corners of the country.

A genuine rare sample purist, Rayne’s debut EP ‘Phantom Of The Chopera’ not only showcases all elements of his eclectic knack with putting together soundscapes, but it shines some serious light on both up-and-coming and established MCs from all over Canada.

The dirty instrumental introduction, with it’s dark synths and crunching kicks, will make any rapper worth his or her salt want to jump on it; the path for this project has been clearly laid from the beginning. From the early Kanye-esque string sample of ‘The Revolution’; the stabbing horns of ‘Real’; the eerie vocal sample on ‘Pride’; the mid-90s New York vibe of ‘Basic’; the bouncy ‘A Little Rain’ (Fun Fact: the beat was picked by Rayne Drop’s son); the gritty cinematic ‘Confirmed Kill’ and the anthemic ‘Air Jordans’, ‘Phantom Of The Chopera’ truly appeals to fans of every facet of the genre.

MCs on the project hail from as far and wide as the appeal of Rayne Drop’s production. From Toronto (iLLvibe, Truth Willis and Mickey Ulster), to Vancouver (Neph), to Edmonton (Brothers Grim), to Barrie, ON (Definition) and of course, to Prince Albert, SK (Mer and Knowledge), Canada has yet to be this well represented on one extended play.

And this project is only the beginning; while ‘Phantom Of The Chopera’ will cement Rayne Drop as one of Canada’s ‘must watch’ producers for 2014, he already has another EP with Prevail of Swollen Members ready to drop any time now via Subnoize Records.

As Rayne Drop’s never-ending search for the perfect sample continues, at least we get to come along for the ride.

Grab the EP now from www.WelcomeToTheButcherShop.com.

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