Producer Singer & Songwriter Siiren Sire Releases New Music ‘Doppelganger’

Producer, singer, songwriter and Reading born artist Siiren Sire has a rare talent for creating music both commercial radio friendly and gritty club banging music. With 80s electro and reggae influences, Siiren Sire has a unique sound that has earned her an impressive fanbase. Doppelganger is >Siiren Sire’s new single, a fun pop record with attitude with an infectious groove.

“Doppelganger is about staying true to who you are. We live in a society where we are sold the idea to be like everyone else. You can only be you. So Just do you!” Siiren Sire

Siiren has worked with the likes of award winning production team The Animal Farm but is now currently finishing her album (due for release next year) with top London producer Laurence Hobbs, who helped develop her sound. Though her forthcoming album is very commercial and club orientated, many of the tracks are deeply personal. Siiren is candid about the painful situation with her mother, who she had a difficult relationship with. The pair eventually lost touch but in 2016 Siiren discovered her mother had passed away the year before by stumbling across an article about her death. The traumatic experience led Siiren Sire to search her soul and gives the album some deeply tender moments, coupled with an overarching sense of joy and carnival.

“The album is about celebrating life no matter how painful a situation is” – Siiren Sire