Premiere: Chicago Group Highness Releases New Single ‘Have A Nice Day’

Highness - 'Have A Nice Day'

Formerly known the S.H.E. band, Highness has made a name for themselves locally behind the stylings of the group that possesses more soul than can be described here in a simple release. The five part group of Gem Tree, Loona Dae, RED, Schenay and Ora blend sensibilities from across several influences into one fluid motion that is expressive, uniting and powerful all at once.

Female Group Highness 2015

The all female group plays their own instruments and performs one of the livest in concert sets in a city packed with talent and have yet to truly break out with released recordings until now. Currently preparing for a campaign towards their upcoming album titled Young Taboo, the group is shopping the premiere of their lead single, “Have A Nice Day” that we thought would fit perfectly with All Unsigned.


Highness Live Performance

Raw, but with a sense of understanding of music and it’s intricacies, Highness is a band that you want to take note of in 2015. Have a listen to these powerful young women on their new single ‘Have A Nice Day’ below

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