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If you ask P.L. what D.E.A.N. is all about, he will most likely say that D.E.A.N. is a lyrical biography of his life. Different aspects are represented by different tracks. Step in ‘Thee Arena‘ represents the focused, driven side of P.L. while ‘STUPID‘ explores the, as he says “turned up” side.

P.L. shares his educated self with ‘Grade Above the Curve,’ which he also touts as one of his favorites. With this EP, PL definitely lives up to the meaning of D.E.A.N. (Do Everything All or Nothing). He uses a blend of Hip Hop and Trap, which he calls Trap Hop.

The first two singles off of the EP have already received positive reviews from listeners across the web. ‘Stupid,’ ‘Step in Thee Arena‘ and ‘Dig This‘ have received internet radio plays from listeners all over the world. P.L.’s reps say “he is set to become one of the next big names in Hip Hop and if D.E.A.N. is any indicator, the world should get ready.”

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