Pierce Jacobs (@ThePierceJacobs) ‘trYpstonE’

Pierce Jacobs 2014

Born in 1990, Pierce Jacobs grew up in a small town in Georgia. One could tell Pierce was a dreamer even at a young age. Early on, Pierce Jacobs found his first love of football. He saw promise to play at the college level until he suffered a torn ACL his senior year.

While attending college, he discovered an obsessive passion for hip hop and poetry. Since then, Pierce has spent day and night bringing this chaotic vision to life. After years of dedication, Pierce Jacobs is stepping out of the dark shadows that once embraced him.

To end off 2014 with his imprint, the poet / emcee Pierce Jacobs delivers his debut project trYpstonE, which includes 6 tracks. Stream the full project below available now on SoundCloud.

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