Philly Native Gianni Lee Unveils New Experimental Project ‘B L U EP’

Philadelphia native Visual Designer, Artist and Producer Gianni Lee is proud to announce the release of his new 6 track experimental project titled BLU. The Project features Atlantean songstress Marian Mereba, Philadelphia’s newcomer to the singing world, Andrea Valle and popular Jersey Club Producer Fiinesse.

B L U is describes as a journey through various time periods and soundscapes drawing inspiration from Club Music, House, Grime, R&B and Folk. Containing six tracks B L U is an experience of music and art from start to finish.
“B L U is all about my growth as a person. Growing up West Philadelphia I had six different cats all named Blu. If one would die or runaway we would eventually get another feline and I would again name him Blu. If these cats were personified and Blu #1 wanted to know how I grew up he could only be able ask Blu #6 about my growth. These six cats existed in different stages of my life as these six tracks were influenced by different stages of my life,” said Gianni Lee.

The Philadelphia native has begun to make a name for himself in the dance and fashion world after winning the 2014 Def Jam x Vfiles Dj Championship. Since then the Babylon Cartel CEO has been perfecting his sound in Los Angeles.

This is a really well put together project, with experimental sounds that any music enthusiast would enjoy. Have a listen and peep the tracklisting below.


1. Red
2. Blue
3. Black feat. Marian Mereba
4. Yellow
5. Violet (Club Badu) ft. Fiinesse
6. White ft. Andrea Valle

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