Palermo Stone (@PalermoStone) ‘The 2nd Coming’

Palermo Stone - The 2nd Coming

“‘The 2nd Coming’ is unique in the way in which it was written. I wanted to create an album that illustrates a lifetime of actions, good and bad, to find who you are meant to be. I wrote ‘The 2nd Coming’ with this duality in mind. If you listen closely, you will take this journey with me, a journey of valleys and peaks, of light versus dark. A lifetime of good deeds and necessary evils. As I find my answers, I hope to help you find yours as well.”
– Palermo Stone

In myth and legend, good has battled evil for as long as we can remember. In today’s world we are exposed daily to the positive and the negative. And internally, each of us struggle as our light clashes our darkness. Pittsburgh’s Palermo Stone captures this universal conflict on “The 2nd Coming,” his fourth studio album.

Written by uniquely pitting his angels versus his demons, Stone brings listeners into his world as he squares with the necessary evils of life to find the greater good. Recorded exclusively at MCM Studios and featuring production from Hitt of MCM, Big Andy, Hunnit Andretti, Clyde Strokes, Ken Ken KillT iT, Croup, NDS, Freeze on the Track, Goonie Noise and other talented musicians, “The 2nd Coming” showcases a wide variety of musical styles, wrapped up in a neat conceptual bow that aims to find a connection with each listener it reaches.

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