Palermo Stone (@PalermoStone) ‘Real Life’

Palermo Stone - Real Life

“‘Real Life’ just paints the picture of a real life scenario of my current life & times. No fabrications; just giving it to the people straight.” – Palermo Stone

R.A.R.E. Nation – Being an independent, unsigned hip hop artist can feel like you’re leading two lives: one where you are on stage or making music, and the other that allows you to pay the bills, raise a family and things like that. On the first official video from Palermo Stone’s September release, The 2nd Coming, the Clyde Strokes-produced “Real Life,” the Pittsburgh native provides a glimpse of each side of his life, including footage from his recent inaugural trip to A3C.

The video, filmed by Beyond Dreams Productions and co-directed by Dave Newbury and Stone himself, was shot with the intention of not exaggerating an artist’s life, but showing it for what it really is, and not being ashamed of being a struggling artist.

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