Palermo Stone (@PalermoStone) ‘Nothing Else’

Palermo Stone - Nothing Else

Rare Nation – Some days you just know you’re on top of your game; things are going your way and you can say whatever you want. Palermo Stone’s “Nothing Else” captures that feeling over smooth, addictive production from Nate Kodi. Following his previous video “The 2nd Coming”, Palermo Stone continues his self-assured attitude in his music as the release date for The 2nd Coming album nears. It’s as if he knows he is sitting on a special project, and can afford to let records like this go early. Filled with clever lines delivered, almost tossed away nonchalantly, in a way that almost challenges listeners not to catch them, “Nothing Else” aims to earn replay value.

“Nothing Else” is just a boastful record, celebrating the persona of a winner or a person on the rise. With slick wordplay and strong statements, the song is sampled from Mara Hruby’s ‘The Panties’, which was, in turn, a rendition of Mos Def’s ‘The Panties.’ Palermo Stone says, “I’m giving a classic record a new vibe.”

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